Tex-rec - amstrong - Tex-Rec - Amstrong

Here is my latest radioshow from the technochannel on !! This show starts with a promomix from me and the last 80 minutes are a cut from my gig last weekend. Tracklist first mix: Tiari - Something Changed (Minimum remix) (promo) The Noisemaker - Switch Off (Tiari remix) (promo, out on Machine Box soon) Matador - Nano (Manu C remix) (promo, out soon on Brood Audio) On Off - Ambush (promo, out on 8 sided dice soon) D. Carbone - Untitled (promo, out on Repitch soon) Sasha Carassi - Omnicron (promo) Monocraft - Deception (promo, out on Brood Audio) Tex Rec - Armstrong 2 (promo, out on Hybrid Confusion later this year) Monocraft - Neuron (promo, out on Brood Audio soon) A-Brothers - Invisible Sign (promo, out on Silent Steps) Tracklist second mix: intro Cortechs - Mnemosyne (promo, out on Machine Box) Mada & Plankton - Bobol (promo, out on Elektrax) A-Brothers - Invisble sign (Tex Rec remix) (promo, out on Silent Steps) A-Brothers - Dirty Hands (GO!DIVA remix) (out on Unoffcial Records later this year) Conrad von Orton - Oil on Canvas (promo, out on Key Records) A-Brothers - Bass Matter (promo, out on Hybrid Confusion) Gayle San - Bombastic Jump (Dark mix) Hackler & Kuch - Duck and Cover (Cortechs remix) (promo, out on The Zone Records) Sian - Purple Bang (Carlo Lio remix) Doctor Trash - Low Power (Tomy Declerque remix) (promo) Tom Eirh - My Western (A-Brothers remix) (promo, out on Silent Steps) Hackler & Kuch - Duck & Cover (promo, out on The Zone records) Subfractal - Gated (promo, out on Brood Audio) Cortechs - Thanatos (promo, out on Machine Box) Jan Fleck - Screwdriver (promo, out on Hybrid Confusion) A-Brothers - Bored by Guetta (promo, out on Hybrid Confusion) Phunk Investigation - Dark Floor (Andrea Di Rocco remix) Nightnoise - Endless Desire (Spark Taberner Redark) (promo, out on Hard Drive Records soon) Green Velvet - Flash (The Advent & Industrialyzer remix) Pfirter - Mi Estudio A-Brothers - 5g (promo, out on Mastertraxx soon) Niereich - Distrust the Mantra (GO!DIVA remix) (out on Herzschlag) The Advent & Industrialyzer - Complex Data